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Electrical Grounding in your Racing Program

First question here would be: you are running more than just the one grounding strap from the battery/chassis connection and the engine right? The best solution would be to start with a grounding strap running from the chassis to the engine block. Then you need to have a grounding strap running from the chassis to each cylinder head. By now your saying to yourself hey this is bull I don't need all that in my racing program. We would like to let you in on a commonly know fact in the work of electronics. Electrical energy is lazy, it takes the easiest path or not at all. So with that said, when you're looking for the winning edge for the racing program it makes sense to take advantage of all possible solutions. Now the kind of ground we are referring to is a braid type of cable NOT standard battery cable. The product should be 3/4 inch wide and long enough to reach each mounting point with slack for movement. We usually like to see at least 3 inches of play, more is always better. Of course you need to make sure you have a solid ground connection at each mounting point. Now why the braid type of cable? You’re talking basic electrical energy flow here. The energy flows on the outside of each wire in the cable. So if you’re using a braid type of cable Vs a standard battery cable. You will have multiple wire strands to carry the energy Vs just a few strands of wire. And an added feature is this product is lighter than standard battery cable or welding cable. So in closing this upgrade will allow your racing ignition system to provide top performance across all cylinders. And bring your racing program to the next level of performance. Remember it is the small things in any racing program adding up together that makes the difference at the track.

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