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How to Check Your Msd Ignition Box For Damage

For the Racer who feels they have a failed MSD®Ignition, there is a simple test that TechWest Racing Services can walk you through to confirm a true failure of your MSD®Ignition.

First you will need a Volt/Ohm meter (this check can be performed with an analog or digital meter as well). The type of meter will not change the outcome of the test performed. Set your volt/ohm meter on the 1k ohms scale, then position the MSD®Ignition in approximately the same orientation as mounted in the vehicle. This is done to ensure that the MSD®Ignition is relatively in the same position as when the failure occurred. Next take either lead and attach it to a bare metal area on the MSD®Ignition. The second lead needs to be hooked to the Large Red wire that provides your main 12vdc input. In an Undamaged MSD®Ignition  the needle will stay in the home position (ie. max Ohms for scale chosen). A Damaged MSD®Ignition will show a reading of 3k ohms or lower.

The readings mentioned above are the result of our experience with repairing customers MSD®Ignition systems. If you plan on testing your MSD®Ignition while it is still mounted in your vehicle PLEASE remove the LARGE RED wire (ie. main 12vdc). Failure to do this will result in possibly damaging your meter while performing this test on your MSD®Ignition.

Disclaimer: Repairs made to MSD ® ignitions by TechWest Racing Services, not an authorized repair or warranty provider. Also MSD ® is a federally registered trademark of Autotronic Controls Corporation and TechWest is not affiliated with Autotronic Controls Corporation.