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MSD ® Ignition Troubleshooting you can look at before contacting TWRS 

MSD ® Ignition 6A, MSD ® Ignition 6AL, MSD ® Ignition 6T, MSD ® Ignition 6ALN, MSD ® Ignition 6TN, MSD ® Ignition HVC 6600, MSD ® Ignition 7AL-2

MSD ® Ignition High Speed Miss:

Check the main ground connection & + 12VDC connection on the MSD ® Ignition box. Also look at the Orange & Black coil wire connectors coming out of the MSD ® Ignition for poor fit or wire corrosion. Check to make sure that the second trigger input out of the MSD ® Ignition is not shorting to ground. IE ( the trigger you are not using. If you have taped it off make sure it is still clean and dry with not way to make a connection to ground!

MSD ® Ignition RPM limited / flat performance of a MSD ® Ignition:

 Check the small Red wire coming out of the MSD ® Ignition for a loose connection or a poor wire connection at the switched +12vdc connection. A loose main Black ground wire out of the MSD ® Ignition to the chassis ground / Battery ground. Check to make sure you have a solid +12vdc to the MSD ® Ignition box. If the voltage drops below +10.35vdc TWRS has found the MSD ® Ignition can start to cause gremlin kind of issues.  Check the Orange & Black ignition coil wires coming out of the MSD ® Ignition at the coil side for poor fit or bad crimping of the connector.

MSD ® Ignition Will not start the vehicle:

You will want to start with the Basics on your MSD ® Ignition not wanting to run. Make sure you have a solid +12vdc & Ground to your MSD ® Ignition check all connection points! Check the small Red wire coming out of the MSD ® Ignition box for breakage and poor connection at the switched +12vdc source. Make sure the+12vdc being supplied is not drifting around on your MSD ® Ignition, this will cause your unit to do dumb things. We have seem happen in some variation to many customers when it comes and goes without warning. Remember if the voltage gets below the +10 volt range the MSD ® Ignition  box will shut down period.

Disclaimer: Repairs made to MSD ® ignitions by TechWest Racing Services, not an authorized repair or warranty provider. Also MSD ® is a federally registered trademark of Autotronic Controls Corporation and TechWest is not affiliated with Autotronic Controls Corporation.