MAX-PWR Chassis Dyno Run

Vehicle: 2000 Dodge 1500 2WD 5.9L Automatic

Ignition used: MSD®Ignition 7AL-2

Ignition Coil: TWRS TFI Coil

Sparkplug Gap: .040

Compression: Stock

Engine: Stock with 37,900 miles


The Dyno sheet below shows typical results MAX-PWR produces

when connected between the battery & a MSD®Ignition system.

This test was run with the alternator field coils disabled.

( No Charging) We were seeing 12.5vdc at the battery and 14.5vdc

at the MSD®Ignition 7AL-2. The upper trace is the dyno pull with

MAX-PWR installed in between the battery and the MSD®Ignition

7AL-2 with no alternator charging. The lower trace is the dyno pull

without MAX-PWR and the alternator in circuit charging. As you

can see MAX-PWR was able to hold the trucks performance as if

the alternator was doing its job.