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TRACS Frequently Asked Questions

How many TRACS devices are currently in use? 

As of Feb. 13 2007 we have 144 units currently in use since first introduced to the market Jan 2006. The breakdown of racing venue is the following: 37 Road Racing, 43 Drag Racing & 64 Circle Track Racing.


Does Tracs adjust the Timing of the race engine (Retard or Advance)?

No the Tracs device restricts the ability of the MSD ® Ignition box to reach Maximum output performance. IE. (It effects the Slew Rate of the MSD®Ignition box)

Does Tracs cause any barking out of the exhaust system?

No Tracs has no audible sounds out of the exhaust system.

Does Tracs cause any loading up of the race engine?

No, none at all.

Will Tracs cause a leaning out condition on the race engine?


Do I have to use Tracs all the time once installed?

No, it is totally up to the driver to decide if use is needed.

What kind of sensors are used on the Tracs system?

None, the Tracs system was designed to allow the driver to be in control.

How much digital/computer technology is in the Tracs device?

None, this is an analog system just like the MSD®Ignition box theTracs device is hooked to.

What kind of results can I expect from the Tracs device?

You should see a 10 to 12 percent engine performance drop when Tracs is turned on. Tracs will not unsettle the set a chassis has taken when toggled between off & on. The cost of the device and the install of the Tracs device can be done by anyone with average ability.If you are running asphalt in road racing or circle track you should see 2 tenths of a second improvement per lap. If your running circle track on dirt or clay the average results have been 1.5 tenths of second per lap. For Drag racing the uses would be to help things out at the launch & assisting with the top end game.

How does Tracs compare to other equipment out on the market today?

Tracs is an engine acceleration restricting device so when compared to say a throttle stop it is more dynamic. But Tracs has been compared to the current market leaders in Traction Control technology with Tracs being about a tenth of a second per lap off of their equipment’s performance. And with sportsmen racer friendly pricing you can afford to consider accessing new equipment options.

What MSD ® Ignition boxes and HEI systems will a Tracs device work with?

Currently Tracs will work on the common analog MSD ® Ignition 6 & 7 series Boxes. And any commonly available HEI system.


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