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Sparkplug wires Resistance value does it matter?

TechWest Racing Services has received alot of questions on this subject lately so here's our take on the subject. Yes it does make a difference to performance of all the key ignition parts. The stock value stuff in the range of 3000 to 5000 ohms is just that stock. It is what the OEM folks have set as the long life point for sparkplug wires. This version of sparkplug wires should NOT be in your racing program. Next is the old school thought of Solid Core sparkplug wires. Now they had a place early on in the racing world, But with the advent of all the neat electronic stuff we attach to our race vehicles this version will kill or screw with them and are not worth a look at this point. Now the question we keep seeing is what is the correct value of resistance to run in my program? The answer is a simple one if you have done alot of testing of wire sets over the years. The range we like to have our customers use would be in the 150 to 300 Ohm's of resistance per foot range. With the testing TechWest Racing Services has done, these values best match the products we suggest our customers use. But as a general rule of thumb if your running sparkplug wires with a resistance value of 1500 ohms or less per foot your in the ok range for racing. But is that where you want your program today? Hummm

Does a Sparkplug's center wire diameter make a difference?

The long and the short of it, Yes the smaller you go the better performance you can access. Now like everything else when you change to the fine wire plugs you will need to update and run other components. Which when combined with the fine wire plugs gives you the wanted improvements. You need to understand that when your dealing with any type of performance quest. It is the sum of the parts that gets you the improvement not a single component. There are no Demon Tweaks out there you can bolt on and just thrash the competition. The key here is to take your program from the automotive standard spec's. And move yourself to the aerospace industry operating format. They believe in getting all systems to work at max effort while still being able to work well across all situations. We do understand that there are programs out there that require certain parts to be run. Either due to track/sanctioning rules or contengency payout's. But if you don't have these limitations or just want to run the best possible solution for your program give us a chance to show you another way to do things.

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