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You can not afford to Leave Performance on the Table! Get the MAX effort out of your Racing Program with a MAXPWR 20 Volt system! Maxpwr was designed & built for the Hard Core take no prisoners minded racer. If you feel there is no need to push the envelope on your racing program then read no further.  If you don't want to run with the Also ran crowd then checkout the video. 

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  • MAXPWR Stand Alone Voltage Regulator
  • MAXPWR Stable 20 Volts output
  • MAXPWR High Efficiency for long battery life
  • MAXPWR Alternator optional


    You are looking at the MAXPWR voltage regulator for racing developed by TechWest Racing Services for MSD®Ignitions & other racing ignition systems including HEI systems. MAXPWR solves the problem all racers run into when running without an alternator or during competition loosing the charging system. The battery voltage will drop and drift around while the race engine is running. MAXPWR eliminates this issue completely when put in between the battery connections and your racing ignitions main 12vdc input (Large Red wire & Large Black wire).

    max2009 frt 

    MAXPWR Front View 6x4.75x2.25 inches                   Price $450.00 each


    MAXPWR Features

    Low Battery drain due to switch mode technology, High Efficiency circuit design for less heat output, Good load and line regulation, Over temp protection, Input reverse polarity protection, Short circuit protection.

    max side  

    MAXPWR Side View                           


    What TechWest Racing Services has found is a way the racing community can hold their battery power supply to the racing ignition rock solid with or without a charging system on board.

    You are asking yourself what does this mean for my racing program? Consistent ignition performance at all times, Access to ALL the performance built into the racing ignition system by the manufacturer. More engine tuning options available, Racing Ignition box runs cooler. The ability to run a 16/18 volt type system without the hassles or costs associated with switching ALL electronic equipment to a new voltage rating.

    TechWest Racing Services developed MAXPWR during the 2008 racing season while working with our customers and their race teams. What you have is a No Holds Barred system for racers moving to a 20 volt system for their racing ignition systems. All switching electronics on the ignition circuit boards reacted quicker to the trigger input signal. The output section of the ignition system supplied a stronger and more consistent punch to the ignition coil. With MAXPWR supplying 20 volts, 15 amps of current you have more than enough power to handle all your needs. So if you’re serious about your racing program, you should be on the hunt for performance improvements to your racing program to keep it ahead of the competition. MAXPWR delivers just that, Your ignition system set on Full Kill Period! 

  • MAXPWR Block Diagram 

  • MAXPWR Specifications: Input Voltage 10 to 19 vdc, Output Voltage 20 vdc, Continuous Output Current 15 amps, No load Input current <200ma, Line regulation .5%, Load Regulation 1%, Output Ripple Noise 50 mv( rms),  Dimensions 6 inches x 4.75 inches x 2.25 inches, Maximum Operating Temperature 130 degrees F.


    Disclaimer: Repairs made to MSD ® ignitions by TechWest Racing Services, not an authorized repair or warranty provider. Also MSD ® is a federally registered trademark of Autotronic Controls Corporation and TechWest is not affiliated with Autotronic Controls Corporation.