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Meet Cherie Woods. The Newest Member of the RPMTV Reporting Staff



RPMTV welcomes Cherie Woods.
RPMTV is proud to announce the addition of Cherie Woods to our staff. With a solid background in sports and field work, we look forward to her "Points and Results" reports during the 2007 racing season. You can only find Cherie here, on RPMTV.
Meet Cherie here.

RPMTV opens its Doors to Advertisers.
Now you can advertise on RPMTV. Both on the web site and during the shows. With 10,15, and 30 second spots during the shows or as a segment sponsor, you don't want to miss this ground floor opportunity. Also available are Banners and Buttons on the video player page as well as on the web-site pages. Advertising is limited, for more info contact us here.

Production and Post Production Services.
RPMTV is also a full service video production studio. If you would like a video profile for your web-site or resume including graphics, race footage and commentary contact us here. We also provide services for Tracks, Teams and Advertisers.
For more info contact us here.

Look for a major announcement from RPMTV in early 2007.