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Do I need to run an alternator in my racing program?

With today's racing ignition systems, they like to see a solid and stable energy source to provide you with a 100% effort. Running with just a battery, yes it does operate and work all the systems including the ignition system. But you are giving up the engine performance the engine builder put into your program. You may have heard that the alternator puts drag on engine performance. That is correct, but a battery over time and under use gives up its energy and goes flat. And folks when your out to give your best effort in close competition these days we do not have the luxury of giving up any time at all in any part of our racing programs. The benefits of running an alternator over come the drag issue and more. Give it some thought to switching to an alternator charging system in your racing program. And if you are already there great, one less thing of the thousands out there to worry about. We just ask you to give it some thought it is worth your time and energy in the end!

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